Skiing trip to the Catskills

Last week the lab took advantage of the stubborn absence of any signs of spring in New York to venture out on a late-season skiing trip to the catskills. We had a lovely time. As it turned out, we were almost the only ones hitting the slopes that afternoon, which was helpful given the varying levels of skiing/snowboarding proficiency in the group. We all made it through the day without injuries and had a great time.

The trip also gave us the opportunity to spend some time with Alex Rich, who will be joining the lab this fall (welcome!!). We are all excited about starting to work with him.

Unfortunately, on our way back to New York we got caught in what felt like a minor snow blizzard which had us crawl back to the city at a painstakingly slow speed. A rewarding experience nevertheless, and we hope to do this again next winter!


Group shot at the top of the mountain

Where is everyone?

Clearly, Doug's been doing this all his life