Pre-course survey

Please answer the following questions and email the results to Please remember to include the letter 'lhc' in the subject line. Please complete before the next class.
  1. Registered Name
  2. Preferred Name
  3. Preferred email address
  4. Major/year
  5. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your computer expertise? (10 = Bill Gates, 1 = John McCain)
  6. How confident are you in your basic statistics background? For example, do you know the difference between the mean, the median, and the standard deviation (without looking it up in google)? If so, give a shot a defining each of these terms in a short paragraph.
  7. If you have an experiment with three conditions, what type of test would you most likely want to use to determine if there was an effect of the experimental condition: a ANOVA or t-test?
  8. What is the key difference between the ANOVA and t-test (in terms of the underlying statistical assumption)? In other words, the t-test uses the _____ to detect differences while the ANOVA uses changes in _____.
  9. What does a "two-tailed test" mean?
  10. Have you considered graduate school, are you interested in psychological research?
  11. Why are you a psych major? What aspect of human psychology most interests you (cognition, perception, social, etc...)?
  12. What do you hope to learn in this course?