Lecture 9 Slide Deck

How to download and replicate an experiment using psiTurk.

Video 9

Basics of psiTurk from downloading an experiment from the exchange, to running it online, to paying people.


In class, and in the video, we step through these goals:
  1. Download an experiment from the psiTurk experiment exchange (the drawtogether exp)
  2. "Make it yours!" - personalizing the code
  3. Debugging locally
  4. Debugging on the Amazon Mechanical Turk "sandbox" site
  5. 5. Running "live" on the AMT website
  6. 6. Checking the data
Please try to follow along with these steps to ensure you understand them. Remember you need a computer with an internet-addressable IP address to do this (it usually won't work over wifi).

Assigned Readings