NYUConcats is one of the longest running scientific discussion groups in the Psychology Department at NYU. Founded in Fall 2008 it originally focused on the topic of concepts and categorization. However, it has over time expanded into one of the key forums for discussions at the core of cognitive science at NYU. Speakers are drawn from many intellectual backgrounds including developmental psychology, computer science, artificial intelligence, marketing, cognitive psychology, perception science, judgment and decision sciences, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, and anthropology. Maybe today the right meaning of concats is no longer "concepts and categories" and is instead to "concatenate" cognitive science discplines.
Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. From time to time we have outside speakers as well as work-in-progress presentations by students and faculty. Currently, we meet on Fridays at 3:30-5pm over in Meyer 575 w/ remote option. Individuals interested in presenting (or attending) should email Emily Liquin (emily.liquin@nyu.edu). Also, email Emily for more information on how to join our automated email announcement list.